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2011 Great Beginnings Contest Winners!

Sponsored by the Utah Chapter of
Romance Writers of America®


Final Judge: Kelly Mortimer - Mortimer Literary Agency
1st Place- HOTSHOTS by Camryn Rhys
2nd Place- BOOKISH by Marni Donnelly-Folosm
3rd Place- MURDER, CURLERS, AND CRUISES by Arlene McFarlane
4th Place- DAMN ENCHANTED EVENING by E.J. Russell

Final Judge: Elaine Spencer - The Knight Agency
1st Place- THE PRICE OF A GENTLEMAN by Louisa Cornell
2nd Place- TO CUBA WITH LOVE by Averil Reisman
3rd Place- PRODIGAL GUN by Kathleen Rice Adams
4th Place- THE DIVIDED HEART by Beppie Harrison

Final Judge: Robert Fleck - Professional Media Services
1st Place- GHOSTS IN THE SHADOW by Kathleen Rice Adams
2nd Place- DEAD RECKONING by Stanalei Fletcher*
3rd Place- DEADLY DUET by Allyson Beck
4th Place- BREAKING THE HONOR CODE by Stanalei Fletcher*

Final Judge: Heather Osborne, Samhain Publishing
1st Place- QUEEN OF HECKA by Michaela Moore
2nd Place- LITTLE GIRL EDELINE by Amity Grays
3rd Place- OUT IN BLUE by Sarah Purdy Gilman
4th Place- DARKNESS by Kenneth D. Lee

Young Adult
Final Judge: Sara Megibow, Nelson Literary Agency, LLC
1st Place- SOMETHING WITCHY THIS WAY COMES*** by Veronica Blade
2nd Place- FORSEER** by Rebecca Lees
3rd Place- TWISTED** ROOT by M.B. West
4th Place- THE MATTER OF SOULS** by Stephanie Winklehake
5th Place- DESIGNER GENES:THE BOYFRIEND CUT** by Harley Brooks*
6th Place- RILEY'S POND** by Harely Brooks*

Utah RWA Member*
Query Requested**


Updated 05/21/11