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2009 Great Beginnings Contest Winners!

Sponsored by the Utah Chapter of
Romance Writers of America

Final Judge: Megan McKeever of Pocket Books


Published Author Winners

1st Place - SUMMER'S PROMISE by Drue Allen
2nd Place - FOOTPRINTS IN TIME by Hanna Rhys Barnes
3rd Place - FINDING GRACE by Rylee Andrews
4th Place - THE BRAZEN AMAZON by Sandy James


Unpublished Author Winners

1st Place - SEVERED THREADS by Kaylin McFarren
2nd Place - ONE SEASON by Tiffany James
3rd Place - SOME KIND OF FAIRYTALE by S.K. Williams
4th Place - DIABOLICAL by Nina Roth Borromeo
5th Place - WINTER WIFE by Gail Zerrade
6th Place - WALKING THROUGH FIRE by C.J. Bahr
7th Place - TROUBLE AT THE DOOR by Imani Miller
8th Place - THE DEVELOPMENT OF LOVE by Lateia Sandifer
9th Place - REDEMPTION by Nancy Evertz
10th Place - BEWARE, MY LOVE by Wendy La Capra
11th Place - THE RAVEN'S HEART by Louisa Cornell
12th Place - TELL IT LIKE IT IS by Stanalei Fletcher

Updated 06/17/09