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2012 20th Annual 

Heart of the West Writers Contest Winners!

Sponsored by the Utah Chapter of
Romance Writers of America®

Historical- final judge: Rachael Ekstrom, Irene Goodman Literary and Film Agency

1st Place - **Dagger's Destiny -by Karen Woodward
2nd Place - **Scandal's Child - by Pamela Gibson
3rd Place - Bright Skies - by Karen Woodward
4th Place - Captive of Her Heart - by Christi Caldwell

Contemporary - final judge: Jennifer Lawler, Crimson Publishing

1st Place - ***Love Waltzes In - by Alana Albertson
2nd Place - The Matchmaker Chronicles - by Katie Russell
3rd Place - Heart of Gold - by Joyce Proell
4th Place - Preservation - by Carrie Christie

Young Adult & Mystery/Suspense - final judge: Adrienne Rosado, NY Literary

1st Place - **The Abolitionist's Daughter - by Gigi Orlowski
2nd Place - Medicine Woman - by Avery Church
3rd Place - Rae and the Ruby Scepter - by Lily M. Knight
4th Place - Prism - by Fae Rowen

Paranormal - final judge: Andrea Somberg, Harvey Klinger Agencyy

1st Place - ***Seer's Blood - by Leisl Leighton
2nd Place - Must Love Breeches - by Angela Quarles
3rd Place - Keeping Athena - by Fae Rowen
4th Place - Dark Bringer - by Mia Celeste

Published - final judge: Cheryl Pientka, Jill Grinberg Literary Manager

1st Place - Kiss Me Twice - by Alexa Darin
2nd Place - Running From Shadows - by Karen Y. Bynum
3rd Place - Tell It Like It Is - by Stanalei Fletcher*
4th Place - Vivian's Gift - by Gina Bono

Golden Pen- URWA Members Only - final judge: Loretta Barrett , Loretta Barrett Books Inc.- Literary Agency

*Winner* - Manor Born - by Jodee Steffensen*
The Ruins-Out of Time - by Alysia S. Knight*
Apollo's Gift - by Sandy L. Rowland*
Tell It Like It Is - by Stanalei Fletcher*

*** Full Requested
** Partial Requested
* URWA Member

Updated 10/06/12