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2010 18th Annual 

Heart of the West Writers Contest Winners!

Sponsored by the Utah Chapter of
Romance Writers of America®

*URWA Member

Historical- final judge: BARBARA POELLE, The Irene Goodman Literary Agency

1st Place - THE WIDOW ANABILLA - by Jennifer McQuiston
2nd Place - IN THE HANDS OF A TEXAN - by Carol A. Aloisi w/a Anne Carrole
3rd Place - WITHOUT YOU - by Stephanie Haessler w/a Stephanie Barnes
4th Place - A TALE OF TWO SISTERS - by Anne Bergeron w/a Aislinn MacNamara

Contemporary - final judge: ELIZABETH POMADA, Larson-Pomada Literary Agency

1st Place - SPOTLIGHT - by Kim Law
2nd Place - RIGHT HOOK FOR ROMANCE - by Emily Hendrickson
3rd Place - REPLY HAZY, TRY AGAIN - by Diana Tracy w/a D.S. Tracy
4th Place - THE CARRIAGE TRADE - by Lisa Williams-Cox w/a Lisa Deon*

Mystery/Suspense - final judge: DANIELLE ROSE POIESZ, Gallery/Pocket Books

1st Place - MURDER AT FIRE POINT - by Meg Mims
2nd Place - DEAD RECKONING - by Kim Finnegan w/a Stanalei Fletcher*
3rd Place - ILLUSION - by Cathy Perkins
4th Place - DISTORTION - by Sara Labudda w/a Sara Leyton

Paranormal - final judge: GAIL FORTUNE, The Talbot Fortune Agency LLC

1st Place - THE OUTER PLANETS - by Laurie Green
2nd Place - DANCING WITH THE DEVIL - by Jean Newlin
4th Place - A DEEP MUSE - by Krissee Vanderverff*

Young Adult- final judge: AMY BURKHARDT, Kimberly Cameron and Associates

1st Place - RED TIDE - by Paula Huffman
2nd Place - FOUR LETTER WORD - by Windy Aphayrath
3rd Place - CAMP AWAKENING - by Bonnie Staring
4th Place - MYSTIC MISFIT - by Bonnie Staring

Published - final judge: CHRIS KEESLAR, Dorchester Publishing

1st Place - INAPPROPRIATE - by Sherry Dee Morris
2nd Place - FOOLED AROUND AND FELL IN LOVE - by Alexis Heilman w/a Alexa Darin
3rd Place - DEADLY OBSESSION - by Katie Reus w/a Savannah Stuart
4th Place - HONEY ON WHITE BREAD - by Brenda Whiteside

Golden Pen- URWA Members Only - final judge: CANDACE SELIMA, Valor Publishing

1st Place - THE GHOST - by Joy Spraycar*
2nd Place - CAPTIVE OF TARALAN - by Alysia Ricks w/a Alysia S. Knight*
3rd Place - A DEEP MUSE - by Krissee Vanderwerff*
4th Place - THE CARRIAGE TRADE - by Lisa Willilams-Cox w/a Lisa Deon*

Updated 10/09/10